Liturgical theology

Introduction to Liturgical theology

Course Code LT151

This course introduces the key areas of the Sacramental life of the Orthodox Church. Important themes such as Anaphora, Anamnesis and Leitourgia are focused on, while exploring the rites of the Coptic Orthodox Church and role of Liturgic text in preserving our faith. Students become acquainted with liturgical terminology, the liturgical books and the Coptic liturgical year. Musical analysis of Coptic hymnology is briefly touched on.

(pre-requisites – ST151)  

Sacramental theology

Course Code LT350

An overview of the sacraments is provided by investigating their historical development, theological and liturgic perspectives. Although all the sacraments are covered, special attention is given to Baptism, Chrismation and Eucharist as the seed from which emerges and grows the new creation in Christ. The fundamental elements of Orthodox worship are also explored, dwelling on central motifs such as the Church as the mother of all believers and our union as the Body of Christ.

(pre-requisites – ST151, LT151)  

The Eucharist

Course Code LT360

This course explores the divine and immortal mystery of the Eucharist from historical, theological and liturgical perspectives. It will first deal with all the eucharistic and theological themes from the writings of the fathers, focusing mainly on St.Cyril of Alexandria. Second, it will address the place of the sacrament in Orthodoxy, zooming in on the Coptic tradition particularly. Third, it discusses the historical development of the sacrament, throughout the centuries, tracing back to its Old Testament roots.

(pre-requisites – ST151, LT151, BT151, PS151, PS330)  

Comparative Liturgical History

Course Code LT370

This course begins by introducing the students to the ancient sources of Coptic Liturgical rites, examining a range of Biblical and patristic texts that influenced our worship. Next, the structure of various Liturgical traditions belonging to different areas of Egypt throughout the centuries will be analysed, highlighting the shape of Liturgy. Finally, an in-depth study of the three Liturgies that are used by the Coptic Church today is conducted, discussing the setting and historical background of their time of writing, the authors of the Liturgies, their sections, development and theology.

(pre-requisites – ST151, LT151)  

Alexandrian Liturgic tradition

Course Code LT450

This unit revolves around the structure, skeleton and historical development of the Alexandrian Liturgical tradition. In the first part of the unit, after exploring general characteristics, a survey study of the Liturgies will be carried out, with a close examination of the structure of the Liturgy of St.Cyril (St.Mark) and the Liturgy of presanctified gifts. Key doctrinal themes such as the regular recalling and preservation of our Christological theology and Trinitarian worship are pointed out repeatedly while looking at different texts. Key Liturgical themes are also explored. The second section deals with the formation and development of the Coptic canonical hours.

(pre-requisites – ST151, LT151)